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New papers on economic dynamics and complexity!

Some new papers from a workshop on economic dynamics and complexity. Thanks to Artur Tarassow of the University of Hamburg, an organizer of the conference from the University of Hamburg. Some of these academic papers address issues related to matters covered in this blog in various ways, including financial fragility. Among other contributions of interest, Domenico Delli Gatti looks at financial instability, referring to the work of Hyman P. Minsky and others. The papers are for a somewhat technical audience of economists, mathematicians, scientists, etc.; we hope to make most of our material accessible to a broad audience of people interested in economics or economic policy.

I see that I have some repairs to do to this site to get the site’s embedded Wolfram CDFs back up and running again. With the semester’s teaching and Memorial Day celebrating over for me, I am optimistic this will happen soon. Moreover, this site’s links to downloadable versions of all of the CDFs—also readable with the help of the Wolfram CDFPlayer (download here) or Mathematica—appear to still be working at this time.

To our US viewers, Happy Memorial Day!


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