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CDF Update: technical improvements to interactive dynamical systems

We can now update our earlier reports about our work to improve the visibility and functionality of our embedded Wolfram CDF content for you, the viewer. We have worked on JavaScript embedding code and believe we have managed to improve the visibility of the CDF below in Internet Explorer (IE download page). Earlier versions of this CDF–which originally appeared in this post–were cut off at the top, blocking the upper lever when the page was viewed with IE. The changes also improve visibility for users of the Mozilla Firefox browser (download here). The Wolfram CDFPlayer download page reports that the Wolfram CDFPlayer comes with plug-ins for only those two browser programs, so we hope that you will take the time to download one of them or find some other browser that is good for viewing our embedded CDF content on your computer or device. You may need to enable Java on your computer. EDITOR’S UPDATE: A late check reveals that Apple’s Safari browser (download here) also appears to support CDF technology on this site. The working browsers use 32-bit technology.
Otherwise, you can still view standalone versions of this site’s CDFs (download page) with CDFPlayer after downloading them to your own computer–without the need for a web browser or browser plug-in.
We would be interested in hearing your comments on technical aspects of the CDFs and ease of viewing at your end.
Postscript: A Mathematica user’s site explains that Wolfram anticipates a phase-out of plug-in technology.


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