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The Nation gets around to MMT!

…and even says that it has “rock star appeal”–no surprise at our end, of course. The article on modern money theory is to appear in the magazine’s May 22-29 issue, and can be found on its website.

For more on the media’s take on this movement in economics as well as the coordinates of some other pro-MMT blogs, see my links page.

The MMT links on that page appear under the following headings:

Alternative approaches to macroeconomics, as seen from outside the profession (from the popular media and elsewhere)

Blogs leaning toward macroeconomic (and other) policy issues, with an emphasis on Keynesian and post-Keynesian macro

The MMT main tenets of functional finance, chartalist monetary theory, and employer-of-last-resort jobs programs make it very much worthy of some discussion in one of the nation’s most venerable outlets for opinion, news, etc., in my opinion.


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