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Does a rock music trend show the way for economics?

A big spread in last Sunday’s New York Times reports, to quote its headline, that “Rock’s Not Dead; It’s Ruled by Women”–or, more precisely “an emerging wave of female and non-binary performers working below the mainstream.”

The article names 15 “standout” acts in this new wave in rock and roll. I put as many as I could find into a new internet radio station on Slacker Radio that I have called, without complete precision, NYTwomenrockers. For those interested in sampling music from the female and non-binary bands in the article, you can use this link for the custom station. The New York Times‘s own multimedia site for the newspaper article can be found at this link.

It is a sampling of the some of the very latest on the cutting edge of the alternative and indie rock scenes. I searched for all 15 groups named in the article, yielding a station made up of 10 bands in all. I apologize for not being able to be all inclusive in my effort.

On the other hand, the news in the field of economics this summer has been in sharp contrast to this reported situation in rock music, with a new study documenting hostility toward women job candidates in an online forum devoted to the job market for Ph.D.s in econ. The study and reports about it in the media (for example, this Justin Wolfers Upshot column from last month) have generated renewed discussion of gender issues in the profession. We hope the situation gets better.


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