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New webpage: A fiscal policy model

As some readers may have noticed over the weekend, this website has launched a new page devoted to the fiscal policy model that I have been working on with colleague Tai Young-Taft. We envision the page as developing into a central place where readers can find 1) links to our papers and other resources available on the worldwide web related to the model, as well as 2) additional resources not publicly available on any other website. Many of the resources in the second category are intended to bring the model and its results to a broad audience interested in policy–not just economists. This page focuses on the model itself; existing pages deal with interactive Wolfram CDF content related to the model. The menu buttons at the top of this page can be used to navigate to these pages. In creating the model page, my intention is to add to this site’s broader effort in behalf of sound macroeconomic and financial policies that contribute to a happier world.


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