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At the big conference

I am in San Francisco for the annual conference of the Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA), which runs through tomorrow, January 5. So far, the event and the area have been stimulating and enjoyable. I hope to post at more length on the conference and other topics soon. These include an interesting session devoted to the work of grad school buddy Bob Prasch, who died, sadly, about a year ago. Bob was a fan of Hyman Minsky, Michal Kalecki, and theories of endogenous money as expounded by Marc Lavoie in the Journal of Economic Issues, the (“Old”) Institutionalist publication published by the Association for Evolutionary Economics, which will be hosting a social event this evening. The latter is among many events scheduled for the very scholarly group in the area here for this huge conference. This obituary in the ASE blog notes the post Keynesian angle on Bob.


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