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NOAA data show relentless rise of temperatures continues

The US weather agency provides a neat time series of global temperature with each line showing a calendar year’s worth of observations. The lines show a steady upward march. Hat tip: Union of Concerned Scientists Equation blog

A note: rising temperatures provide a ecological challenge to humankind that is perhaps unprecedented. Yet there is cause to believe that leaving aside the multitudes who perish in climate-related disasters, greenhouse-gas-driven climate change will afford as many opportunities as challenges for economic progress and macro policy on the way to the 2-degree temperature rise foreseen by experts and used as a key landmark by negotiators in Paris earlier this year. For example, tremendous amounts of waste persist, and remarkable progress has been made recently in increasing the cost-efficiency of alternative energy technologies (in solar power, for example). Also, numerous efforts to live in less energy-intensive ways have emerged recently in serious ways.

Feeling as though the overall trends can’t be happening, based on local observations? The map below, also featured in The Equation Blog, shows deviations from the global average (for last month).

temperature map May 2016

This figure is also from the Union of Concerned Scientists blog. Larger and more advanced versions of the model I have been working on with Tai Young-Taft contain a greenhouse gas variable, and more elaborate efforts to integrate ecological concerns into stock-flow models still seem promising to us.


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