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Some interesting new economics links

Cyber economists:

Soon Ryoo’s site
Soon Ryoo’s research page, with plenty of free paper downloads—for initiates or those who are curious about research on the propertes of heterodox models. Ryoo is among those who have attempted to come up with Minsky’s financial fragility hypothesis in the context of an up-to-date model in equations, while he remains a researchgate holdout, making his work a bit harder to find.

Also J.W. Mason’s site. He is a commentator and also a modeler.

Post-Keynesian Study Group:We have linked to pages at this site but not added it to our link list. A big place in the UK for new ideas rooted on the work of Keynes, Kalecki, and others. Among the post-Keynesians at this site is Victoria Chick, who wrote Macroeconomics After Keynes, a chapter-by-chapter guide to Keynes’s General Theory. There is no group that is more truly Keynesian.

The Minskys,” a new student blog at the Levy Institute, which is in the third year of its new master’s degree program

Introductory ecological economics textbook by Michael Common and Sigrid Stagl

This field deals more deeply with environmental issues than “environmental economics,”which offers mostly applications of standard microeconomics–utility functions, tradeoffs, and the like–to environmental “goods.” Ecological economics is more interdisciplinary. The front matter of the book contains rave blurbs from many leading people in the field, including authors of earlier textbooks. Wow.

A recent article from New Inquiry on the basics of MMT (modern monetary theory). New Inquiry is among a group of highly touted new journals that have become venues for a younger generation of “public intellectuals” writing for nonspecialized audiences with an appetite for serious but nonacademic writing.

These are all on my to-do list to be added to the links page elsewhere on this site


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