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Trump’s early economic policy actions numerous

Among the economic policy changes already effected or otherwise making  the headlines in the early weeks of the new Administration and Congress are the following:

a federal government hiring freeze
a “border tax” under discussion in Congress
an order to waive or delay unspecified provisions of ACA health care law
the early order to construct a wall on US-Mexican border
US pull-out from TPP, the Asia-Pacific trade agreement
Trade council head Peter Navarro’s complaint that the export success of Germany has relied on an undervalued euro
Trump’s statement that Japan and China have manipulated their currencies in the past to promote their trade interests.
tough talk of renegotiating NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico
Trump’s threat of a 20 percent tariff on imports from Mexico
the Administration’s new statement of principles for rewriting–and presumably gutting–Dodd-Frank consumer protection rules
An attempt to attack the “fiduciary rule,” which was to restrict financial advisers more often to act in their clients’ best interest
A broad effort to eliminate oil and gas regulations, concentrating on recent rules still subject to repeal by the new administration

I have left out the Supreme Court nomination, which does not fall solely in the economic policy category. Needless to say, none of these moves resembles in any way an ideal fiscal expansion initiative. Finally, in this post, I will refrain from doing more than providing the above attempt at an all-encompassing list of developments that are very troubling in many cases. More on some of the items therein to come in the future.


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