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Blogger preparing for two events

As I prepare for two annual conferences that are to take place in Philadelphia next month, I find that I have been extremely busy and unable to post. I will provide a quick update. At the January 4 conference of the International Confederation of Associations for Pluralist Economics (ICAPE), I will be presenting a paper with my also-busy colleague Tai Young-Taft that introduces gender into a model we have been working on since late 2014 or early 2015.

See this page for more about the model and its various offshoots. The categories menu on the left sidebar includes an entry for the topic of gender. This year (2017) saw the publication of this book by scientist Cordelia Fine, whose wonderful local lecture I mentioned in this post in 2016. The book, Testosterone Rex, challenges claims of testosterone-related sex differences in behavior, including financial risk-taking.

I am also scheduled to give a presentation at the Association for Social Economics  sessions at the much-larger Allied Social Sciences Associations conference, which follows the ICAPE event. Happy Holidays!


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