Downloadable versions of CDFs on this site

Many posts on this site will feature embedded, interactive Wolfram CDF (computable document format) ™ technology. Below are download links for the CDFs we have published so far on this site. These files run a tiny program on your computer or device, recomputing answers as interact with the controls, in contrast to the CDFs embedded in pages on this site, which run in a “sandbox” of sorts here at Hence, you will probably have to click a button in CDF Player, which will allow the code to run.

NOTE: many viewers will be having trouble getting web-embedded CDFs to run. In the summer of 2016, I posted this page with advice on viewing CDFs, and reported on my efforts in this post, but the upshot for the future is that the site will need to follow Wolfram’s move to cloud-based technology for its CDFs. The Wolfram Cloud allows CDFs to be viewed on numerous kinds of platforms and devices.

Many of CDFs in the list below will also be available on the pages for the individual posts. Viewing a CDF requires that your computer have either the full Wolfram Mathematica ™ package, or the free CDF Player ™ program, which can be downloaded at this link. More information on CDF technology and the CDF Player program is available at the Wolfram website. In the future, we hope to be able to make available the code used to generate the CDFs in most or all cases. For now, if you would like a copy of the code used in the program Mathematica to make the CDF below, you can simply send me a request by email at the following address: mail at greghannsgen dot org.

Post 1 (extra large size)  Post: “Self Defeating Austerity in a Figure.” Credit: Another, simpler version of this CDF was originally published as part of this post at the multiplier-effect blog. It is out of order at the moment.

Post 5

June 27 post


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