NOAA data show relentless rise of temperatures continues

The US weather agency provides a neat time series of global temperature with each line showing a calendar year’s worth of observations. The lines show a steady upward march. Hat tip: Union of Concerned Scientists Equation blog A note: rising temperatures provide a ecological challenge to humankind that is perhaps unprecedented. Yet there is cause

20 Jun 2016

Some ideas from a long weekend trip

In my previous post, I mentioned that I attended a college alumni weekend recently. The weekend did not lack events relevant to readers of this economics and economic policy blog. The event—at Swarthmore, a small liberal arts college located near Philadelphia, featured among other things a ceremony in honor of several retiring professors. No economists

10 Jun 2016

New papers on economic dynamics and complexity!

Some new papers from a workshop on economic dynamics and complexity. Thanks to Artur Tarassow of the University of Hamburg, an organizer of the conference from the University of Hamburg. Some of these academic papers address issues related to matters covered in this blog in various ways, including financial fragility. Among other contributions of interest,

30 May 2016

A heterodox theorist puts it all in print

Anwar Shaikh, economist at the New School for Social Research, discusses his new book, the type of economics he teaches, and how the latter differs from the standard material usually taught in high school, college, and graduate school in the US in this interview in a New School blog. His book, which I look forward to

26 May 2016

Some fiscal inklings on the Democratic primary contest

Earlier this week, I discussed some fiscal policy ideas from Donald Trump that emerged in an interview with MSNBC. I mused at the end of my piece that a Democratic Keynesian movement might be needed. However, I left out any mention of the Democrats’ fiscal plans, though the controversy over Sanders’s spending plans was a

12 May 2016

Trump on federal debt “discounts”: an ex post

It appears few if any observers agree with my interpretation of Donald Trump’s idea for dealing with the federal debt, which was based on early reports. It seemed to me from a post on the New York Times’s Upshot that the policy idea would be to enter into novel debt contracts allowing the government to reduce

07 May 2016

Non-bad macro policy ideas in Trump interview

What would macro policy be like in a Donald Trump administration?  In a recent CNBC interview, Trump elaborated on his views on both monetary and fiscal policy. The New York Times’s Upshot analyzes the views expressed by Trump: a phone interview with CNBC on Thursday, he showed both the strengths and limitations of this background

07 May 2016

A big milestone

I rarely digress from economics and economic policy in this blog, but very few people live to be 100 years old. My grandfather, Fred Hannsgen, recently enjoyed a birthday gift of a major league baseball game with relatives, including my parents.  It was a very rare treat for all, including Grandpa, a serious fan and

02 May 2016

Re-emergent in the campaign discourse—an anti-bigness theme

The New Yorker notes that anti-trust law (which concentrates on combating the ills of monopoly power) has been a theme in the presidential campaigns of both Democrats and Republicans this primary season. The article notes that this theme was large for economic republicans, whose ideas were important in the early (19th century) politics of the

25 Apr 2016
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